What is this? An umbrella site for Ali Hossaini's projects.
Why is it here? To describe my installations, exhibitions and performances.
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Hemispheric video

Neurodiversity: The Autism Project will help ordinary people understand what it's like to be autistic through immersive video domes. Autism affects millions of individuals, but the "neurotypical" struggle to comprehend it. Although autism is diagnosed through behavior, I am convinced much of the syndrome has a sensory basis.

Autistic people see, hear, touch and smell the world differently, and these differences affect every facet of their lives. By immersing people in an environment based on first person accounts, my installation will give direct experience of the varieties of autistic perception, shedding light on the source of Austism Spectrum Disorder.

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Oceanic Verses
Live opera with multichannel video, 2011 / in collaboration with Paola Prestini

Kennedy Center, River to River Festival & the Barbican Centre

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// storyboard
// video triptych
// development film

Immersive 3D video, 2010

Ise Cultural Foundation, Museum of Outdoor Art, La Napoule Art Foundation

The history of the universe told through 3D animations that unfold in an immersive holographic space.
Created in collaboration with SWEATSHOPPE. Curated by Koan Jeffrey Baysa.

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Immersive video, 2008

Mediations Biennale

A journey through the afterlife presented as visual & musical poetry.
Shot in Greenland, Iceland, France and USA. A collaboration with composer Paola Prestini and librettist Niloufar Talebi.

// see more

Immersive video, 2008

Custom software generates a swirling panoply of letters that coat
walls with secret meaning. // see more

Theater, 2008

Short surreal plays bring concepts of philosophy to life. Developed at the
Water Mill Center for the Arts. // see more

Memory Begins
Two-channel video, 2010

Videos are projected on opposite walls, one flush and the other skewed
as if falling forward. The conception is non-verbal: direct perceptions
of a lost summer tinctured with bittersweet impressions that precede the
coalescence of memory from experience.

// installation photo
// installation schematic
// video sample

Broadcast television, 2004 - 2006

A TV channel and collaborative artwork broadcast across the USA. // play LAB
LAB produced the Robert Wilson Video Portraits, which are now a traveling exhibit. // see voom portraits

Baghdad Transcendental
Process printing & charcoal, 2009

Large-scale prints recreate a walk through the ancient city of
Baghdad between wars. // see more
Fast Company says, " What Yoko Ono, Ali Hossaini, Julian Montague,
and Ranier Ganahl all have in common is a keen intuition of their urban

Single-channel video, 2001 - 2003

Sketches for a fantasy video art TV channel that became LAB HD. // see more

Divine Machines
Single-channel video, 2008

The history of eyes, cameras and optics in less than 10 minutes. // play video

Unperception Now
Single-channel video, 2006

A kaleidoscopic video postcard from the highlands of Madagascar. // play video

Silver gelatin prints

I practice film & digital photography, including darkroom printing. Locations include New York City, Iceland, Madagascar, Burma,
Cambodia, Iraq, Indonesia and Egypt. Please contact me to review portfolios. Above: Favohitra (Madagascar) & Mecca (Saudi Arabia).
see // Grimsey (Iceland)

exhibitions & performances


Artistic statement
Vision of the Gods

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